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Autistic Burnout is Real – Here’s What We Can Do About It

Many autistic adults report experiencing burnout - a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion caused by excessive stress. However, autistic burnout remains poorly understood and recognised. In this blog, I’ll explore what autistic burnout is, what causes it, and most importantly - how we can cope with it. [...]

Autism Therapies: Are We Listening to Autistic Voices?

For generations, autism therapies and interventions have been designed and prescribed largely by non-autistic professionals and researchers. But in recent years, the growing neurodiversity movement has demanded a shift - arguing that autistic people themselves should have a central voice in shaping therapy goals and methods. So are we [...]

Neurodiversity and Autism: Challenging the Effectiveness of Traditional Therapies for Autistic Children

There is a growing movement towards recognising neurodiversity as a natural and valuable form of human variation. This perspective challenges many conventional views about neurological conditions like autism. In particular, it questions the effectiveness of traditional autism therapies in helping autistic children. In this blog, I'll be exploring how [...]


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