Timely, Accurate and Affordable Diagnosis Assessments
of Autism and ADHD

At Neurodiversity Training International, we understand the importance of a timely and accurate diagnosis for individuals seeking support and guidance in managing autism or ADHD. Our comprehensive assessment process, provided in partnership with RTN Mental Health Solutions, follows UK NHS guidelines and adheres to the gold standard reporting practices. We are committed to conducting assessments in a neurodivergent-affirming manner, ensuring inclusivity and respect for all individuals.
Our assessments are designed to suit all stages and walks of life, from the age of 6 and above.

Autism Assessment


Booking deposit of £95 and remaining balance payable to RTN when appointment is scheduled.


ADHD Assessment


Booking deposit of £75 and remaining balance payable to RTN when appointment is scheduled.


Combined Assessment


Booking deposit of £195 and remaining balance payable to RTN when appointment is scheduled.


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Why Get an Assessment?

Understanding and Validation:
A formal diagnosis can offer a better understanding of the unique traits and challenges associated with autism or ADHD. It provides validation for individuals and families, helping them make sense of their experiences and access appropriate support.

Access to Support and Resources:
A diagnosis opens doors to a wide range of support services, therapies, and resources that can significantly improve the quality of life for Autistic and/or ADHD individuals. It enables access to tailored interventions and strategies that address specific needs.

Advocacy and Accommodations:
A formal diagnosis facilitates the advocacy process and helps individuals access accommodations in various settings, including education, employment, and community environments. It ensures that their unique strengths and challenges are recognised and accommodated.

Fast-Track Your Autism or ADHD Diagnosis: Skip Waiting Lists and Costly Expenses

For parents of neurodivergent children and neurodivergent adults themselves, the journey to obtain a diagnosis can be incredibly stressful. It often involves long waiting lists, exorbitant costs, and a sense of frustration and overwhelm that can discourage individuals from pursuing the support they need.

At Neurodiversity Training International, we understand the challenges and barriers that come with the diagnostic process. That’s why we are proud to partner with RTN Mental Health Solutions, offering a streamlined and efficient diagnostic service that ensures a fast turnaround time. Our diagnostic assessments are completed by UK-based Chartered Clinical Psychologists who are part of a multidisciplinary team. These professionals are esteemed members of the British Psychology Society (BPS), recognised by the NHS, and adhere to the NICE Guidelines.

Key Benefits of Our Diagnostic Service:

Timely Results:
Most public sector waiting lists, across the U.K. and across the world – are longer than two years. Some even as much as five years! We recognise the urgency of obtaining a diagnosis, which is why our assessments are completed within twelve weeks or less. Depending on how quickly you return the requested information back to the RTN team, the entire process can be done inside 12 weeks. We prioritise efficiency without compromising the accuracy and thoroughness of the evaluation.

Affordable Pricing:
Most clinics can charge as high as £4,000 for a diagnostic assessment. We believe that access to diagnosis should not be a financial burden. Our diagnostic service is designed to be accessible, with a cost of less than £1,000. We strive to remove the financial barriers that often hinder individuals from seeking a diagnosis.

Expert Clinical Psychologists:
Our assessments are conducted by the multidisciplinary team within RTN Mental Health Solutions that includes Chartered Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Psychiatrists. Assessments are done in accordance to NICE Guidelines, and recognised by the UK NHS. They possess the knowledge and experience necessary to provide accurate and insightful evaluations.

Multidisciplinary Approach:
Our team takes a comprehensive approach to the diagnostic process. We collaborate with professionals from various disciplines to ensure a thorough evaluation, incorporating different perspectives to provide a well-rounded assessment. By choosing our diagnostic service, you can experience a stress-free and efficient path to obtaining an autism or ADHD diagnosis. We understand the importance of a timely and accurate diagnosis in accessing appropriate support and interventions.

What People are Saying

RTN Mental Health Solutions

So Why Chose RTN?

RTN – working with communities and corporates, to ensure individuals can achieve better mental health outcomes, without spending thousands or languishing on waiting lists. In the UK, waiting times for diagnoses can be as long as two years. Private assessments are often financially inaccessible and can have complex pricing structures. RTN provides an affordable and speedy assessment process to ensure Neurodivergent people and their networks can receive the right support.

Our Promise to You

Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall

CPsychol; AFBPsS – Chartered Clinical Psychologist

As an Applied Psychologist in the NHS, I worked in various settings in mental health and learning disabilities and eventually became Head of Psychology in Swansea NHS Trust and then Lead for Psychological Therapies in Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University (ABMU) NHS Health Board.

Dr Abigail Lucas

Dr Abigail Lucas

PsychD; PhD; CPsychol; AFBPsS

Dr Abigail Lucas is a Registered Clinical Psychologist Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is a specialist in the Assessment of older adults, adults and children; and psychological therapy for older adults, adults and children.

Dr Renata Fialho

Dr Renata Fialho

NHS specialist

Dr Renata Fialho works in an NHS specialist service at the general hospital, having developed extensive experience with post-Covid syndrome, depression, anxiety, emotional difficulties associated with chronic illness, physical persistent symptoms, and functional neurological disorders.

Terms and Conditions Including Payment Plans

1) The deposit paid is non-refundable. After you pay your deposit, you will automatically be connected to a member of the RTN team who will schedule your appointment and initiate the payment terms you selected at checkout. If you have selected a FREE 6-month EndeeSphere App subscription as part of your booking on the NTI site, you will receive a follow up email from us with your membership details.

2) If you choose to pay in instalments, the following options are available:
a) Autism Assessment – £95 deposit and three further payments of £266.
b) ADHD Assessment – £75 deposit and three further payments of £240.
c) Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment – £195 deposit and five further payments of £260.

3) The diagnostic assessment report will not be turned over to the customer until the final instalment is paid.

4) For any recommended aftercare, including medication, this must be sought through your primary healthcare provider or through an alternative private pathway at an extra cost. RTN does not provide Titration at present.

5) The diagnostic assessment process covers; the distribution and analysis of screening questionnaires, an appointment with an RTN Psychologist, and one follow up appointment to discuss outcomes including aftercare recommendations.

6) Second opinions, and additional appointments requested by the client, will be billable at a rate of £225 per hour.

7) All diagnostic assessments are carried out online via video call format.

8) There are age restrictions in place for specific assessments:
a) ADHD assessments are available to those aged seven years or older
b) Autism assessments are available to those aged five years or older.
c) Combined Assessment is for persons who are 7 years and older

9) RTN has a zero-tolerance policy toward abuse against clinical staff, and RTN reserves the right to terminate an assessment without refund.

10) RTN are committed to a rapid turnaround time for assessments but this is dependent on the timely submission of questionnaires and forms for analysis and processing.