Can you prescribe medication?

RTN Mental Health Solutions do not prescribe medication as a part of their mental health services. However, they have a partner company called RTN Medical that can provide medication support to their clients. RTN Medical is a separate entity from RTN Mental Health Solutions, but they work closely with them [...]

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Can I provide RTN with feedback?

It is important for RTN to keep improving the quality of their service. As such, they will be sending a short survey for you to complete. They would appreciate your participation and while they love receiving positive feedback, they also welcome any constructive criticism that helps them to improve.

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What can I expect in the diagnostic Report?

The diagnostic report may be up to 15 pages long summarising the information the team has collected from you. The report will contain a summary of the diagnostic interview and the output of the questionnaires submitted. The report will also contain the final diagnostic decision with recommendations for aftercare support.

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What happens at the diagnostic Interview?

The RTN team will contact you, and once all questionnaires have been received, they will arrange a time and date to complete the online video diagnostic interview. They have a variety of different practitioners that run these interviews including HCPC registered psychologists and speech and language therapists. The interview will [...]

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Do I need to provide any supporting information?

Clients are recommended to provide RTN with any supporting information that they think will be beneficial to their assessment. This can include official previous/current medical reports from multidisciplinary teams and previous/current school reports. Evidence of traits/behaviours during a client's developmental period is crucial to aiding the assessment.

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How do I complete the questionnaires?

After reserving a diagnostic, questionnaires will be sent to all relevant parties via email, this will include informants, for example, your child’s school, parents or significant other. The questionnaires are completed online and immediately uploaded to the RTN system upon submission. RTN will require responses to all questionnaires, including any [...]

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How do I book an assessment?

To book an assessment, follow the booking instructions through the NTI website to make a reservation. A member of the RTN team will then be in touch with you to help you through the initial stages of the assessment process. Should you have any questions which you’d like to ask [...]

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Do you triage customers before proceeding with assessments?

Yes. Once RTN has received the client's summary care report, the team will then follow their triage process which consists of assessing previous/current diagnoses, mental health, wellbeing, and medical history. Should it be deemed necessary RTN will contact your primary and/or secondary mental health care provider for further information.

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Why do I need to complete a consent form?

To ensure compliance with RTN’s Privacy Policy and GDPR requirements, you will be asked to complete a consent form as part of the registration process. You will also be asked for the contact details of all assessment participants. The team will request a summary care record of your medical records [...]

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