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Combined Autism/ADHD Diagnostic Assessment


Booking deposit of £195. Remaining balance of £1,300 payable to RTN (in instalments if selected at checkout). Remember to also select your FREE 6-month subscription to the EndeeSphere App!


Terms and Conditions Including Payment Plans

1) The deposit paid is non-refundable.

2) If you choose to pay in instalments, the following options are available:
a) Autism Assessment – £95 deposit and three payments of £266
b) ADHD Assessment – £75 deposit and three payments of £240
c) Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment – £195 deposit and five payments of £260.

3) The diagnostic assessment report will not be turned over to the customer until the final instalment is paid.

4) For any recommended aftercare, including medication, this must be sought through your primary healthcare provider or through an alternative private pathway at an extra cost. RTN does not provide Titration at present.

5) The diagnostic assessment process covers; the distribution and analysis of screening questionnaires, an appointment with an RTN Psychologist, and one follow up appointment to discuss outcomes including aftercare recommendations.

6) Second opinions, and additional appointments requested by the client, will be billable at a rate of £225 per hour.

7) All diagnostic assessments are carried out online via video call format.

8) There are age restrictions in place for specific assessments:
a) ADHD assessments are available to those aged seven years or older
b) Autism assessments are available to those aged five years or older.
c) Combined Assessment is for persons who are 7 years and older

9) RTN has a zero-tolerance policy toward abuse against clinical staff, and RTN reserves the right to terminate an assessment without refund.

10) RTN are committed to a rapid turnaround time for assessments but this is dependent on the timely submission of questionnaires and forms for analysis and processing.


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