Neurodiversity Training International

Equipping Neurodivergent Adults and Parents of Neurodivergent Children with the tools to navigate life, solve problems, improve mental health, connect meaningfully, and to live authentically.


I’m Jude Morrow

Before becoming a best-selling author, TED speaker, touring speaker, ND Marketing Consultancy CEO, and corporate trainer, I was a social worker for nine years!

Now I dedicate my time, energy, experience, and passion to ensuring fellow autistic people, young and old don’t go through what I went through, and to be the person my parents would have taken me to hear speak when I was a teen.

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At Neurodiversity Training International, we recognise that an accurate diagnosis is the first step towards empowering Autistic and /or ADHD individuals. Our assessments are conducted with sensitivity, expertise, and a commitment to providing actionable insights.
Take the proactive step towards understanding and supporting your loved ones on their unique neurodivergent path.

School & Corporate

Ready to transform your school or organisation into an inclusive and supportive environment? Our Forbes-featured training creates schools that parents are happy sending their neurodivergent kids to, workplaces and corporate settings where neurodivergent adults are happy working, and community organisations that neurodivergent individuals love and support.

Empowering the Neurodivergent Journey

  • Why are there not enough school places for Autistic children, particularly those with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?
  • Why are waiting lists for diagnostics, along with mental health care for both children and adults so long?
  • How do I understand myself or my Neurodivergent child better?
  • Why does everyone view me or my child so negatively?

The common questions above have been on everyone’s minds for decades. Through our EndeeSphere App we want to answer your questions, shine a bright light on the road ahead, and provide you with the people and resources to ensure you and your child’s potential are fully reached.

Within the App, we offer live weekly learning classes, support groups, and provide helpful material for Neurodivergent individuals who might be at home, school, or in the workplace.

Our founder, Jude Morrow, who is autistic himself, was inspired to create this organisation after witnessing the challenges faced by families who struggle to find affordable resources and support. The same struggles Jude and his family experienced in the 1990’s are just as prevalent today and as a result, Neurodiversity Training International is Jude’s global vehicle for change.

Is this Social Platform Suitable for Me?
Perhaps you feel isolated, lack adequate life guidance, or maybe you are enduring a long wait for meaningful support, if so, our specific Neurodiversity social learning platform (suitable for both parents and adults) is a great place to start your journey. You can learn, socialise, connect, and be part of the creation of a kinder future for ALL Neurodivergents. Simply download the EndeeSphere App for FREE today!

What People Are Saying

The EndeeSphere App

The EndeeSphere App allows members to connect with other ND people in a safe environment where learning and interaction is encouraged. The key highlights include:

• Live weekly educational classes covering the current challenges faced by our community.
• Weekly Q&A sessions with Jude Morrow.
• While access to the social media platform is completely free to connect and receive support from others, subscription paying members can avail of everything else below and access all areas
• Discussion groups for members to interact with each other.
• Suitable content and resources for learning and development.
• A community where people have a sense of belonging.

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An annual subscription costs £39.99 | $39.99 | €49.99