FREE CLASS: Enrol to this free class to understand more about autistic people from autistic perspectives.

Hosted by Autistic TedX Speaker, and founder of Neurodiversity Training International – Jude Morrow. When the word “Autism” is mentioned in your life, for you or your child, it triggers a worry response. Do not fear though!

This class is what Jude and his parents wished they had seen when he was a teen and young man. If you want to take the first step in understanding your Autistic child’s mind, or your own mind – WATCH THIS CLASS

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    jude morrow anxiety class
    Autism Anxiety Class

    Why Should I Book This Class?

    This class is taken from both the autistic point of view and professional point of view. Jude has toured the world extensively, to advocate that autistic children and young people can thrive in life with the right internal attitude and the right attitude toward them


    Learn Why Autistic People are Anxious

    Autism does not cause Anxiety! Come and learn what causes Autistic people to be anxious.


    Waiting Lists for Services and Support are Long

    This is a completely free class, and if you have gotten this far, it is clear you want answers – let Jude help you.


    Autism Racketeering

    Not all mainstream services have autistic best interests at heart, and prey on your fear. Let Jude show you how to recognise this


    Why Learn More?

    “Let’s face it, so much information out there about autism and autistic people is scary. All these words like “disorder”, “difficulty”, “deficits”, etc. Is it any wonder autistic people like me grow up feeling afraid? It isn’t your fault, it is a mainstream language that most buy into – but let me show you another way. A way that will help you see the good, not the negative”. Jude Morrow

    Autistic best-selling author, corporate trainer, after-dinner speaker, and mentor for autistic young people, parents and social care professionals

    Understand more about autism and anxiety, and examine the best way to improve mental wellbeing with this free class.

    Enter your email and you will receive a link to view the class – keep an eye on your junk folder!